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teas served by the glass of gung fu style

ruby red hong yu 日月潭红玉红茶

$5 / $14

This tea is a hong cha from the Sun Moon Lake Gardens in Nantou County. “Red Jade,” as this unusual example of a Taiwan black tea is sometimes translated, was created by crossing Burmese Assamica with local wild mountain plants. The resulting flavor — handsome, nuanced, and full of élan — is a treasure well-enjoyed hot or iced.

mi lan xiang dan cong (honey orchid) 蜜兰香单丛乌龙茶

$5 / $14

This tea is a wu long tea from the Feng Huang Mountains in Guangdong Province. Literally “Honey Orchid Fragrance,” it is remarkable for the number of times it can be steeped while still retaining its full-bodied character. This tea won the gold medal at the 6th Guangdong Tea Expo.

15 year aged tie guan yin aged tie guan yin 2005 年铁观音乌龙茶

$6 / $15

​This tea is an oolong tea from Anxi County in Fujian Province. Popularly known as “Iron Goddess of Mercy,” this particular batch has been carefully aged since 2005. Each year, the tea is removed from storage and roasted at low temperatures. This method supplements the aging process, creating a singular balance between flora and spice.

smells like duck shit ya shi xiang / duck shit 鴨屎香乌龙茶

$7 / $16

This tea is a wu long cha from Wudong Mountain in Guangdong Province. The name comes from its delightful mythos, which includes a farmer lying to his neighbor about the qualities of a phenomenal new varietal that he discovered. The name persists – despite official attempts at reclassification.

30-Year Honey Orchid Aged Mi Lan Xiang Dan Cong 1992年蜜兰香单丛乌龙茶

$8 / $17

This tea  is a wu long cha from Kang Mei Village in Fujian Province. Hidden away on the producer’s estate in Chaozhou, this tea is an excellent example of how careful aging compounds the roundness of the liquor while retaining the characteristic scent of Mi Lan Xiang dancong.  It is a true delight to the senses.

The Teas on this list have all been curated by Austins Tea’s a  local tea monger located here in Philadelphia.. Austins Tea finds and imports small batches of their favorite teas from around the world, carefully curating a collection free from additives, artificial flavors, and herbal blends. Focusing on highlighting the creativity and innovation of tea producers and sharing our passion for the craft of authentic tea.


Interested in learning more about Tea? Ask you server about Tea Classes At FED

Tea is more than just a drink; it's history, language, terrior, and culture. It's something that we can all share. Join us in exploring the world of Camellia Sinensis and discover the nuances and complexities of this ancient beverage.

- Zachary Austin

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