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The Five Beast Board is Far East Descendant’s (FED) family style feast inspired by the popular 3 treasures dish in Cantonese cuisine.  Far East Descendant (FED) has amplified this concept with 5 main dishes and accompaniments. The Five Beast Board explores unique takes on traditional Cantonese cuisine. This meal promises to be a favorite of hungry patrons and foodies. 

Breakdown of the current Five Beast Board:

• Cha-Siu Beef Rib
• Plum Flower Duck
• Fried Sticky rice with Shrimp and Lap Cheong
• Large Shrimp and Hand Crafted Shrimp Toast
• 18 Taming Dragon Steak
• Iron Shirt Pork Belly with FED Chili Plum Sauce
• Hand Cut Five Venom Fries
• Phoenix Lotus Chips
• Our Signature House-Made sauces
• Seasonal Vegetables wok seared to perfection
• And of course rice to accompany your Cantonese Feast

All Five Beast Boards require 24 hours notice. If you would like to make a reservation for the five beast board and use the add-on button for the five beast board. The $25 deposit (non-refundable) will be taken off of your bill when you have completed your dining experience. If you would like to confirm your Five Beast Board, please email with your full name as well as date and time of reservation and we can someone from our team contact you. Thank you so much for choosing Far East Descendant for your dining experience! Doh Jeeh!

$248 (serves 4-5)

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